What we believe

We are an Anglican church, part of the Church of England, and we sit comfortably within its beliefs and structures. 

We believe...

...that there is one God who loves all humanity.

...that the Bible is God-breathed.

...that all people are in need of the transforming love of God.

...that Jesus uniquely enables us to be in a right relationship with God.

...that the Spirit-filled local church is the hope of the world.

Our Values


We want to put Jesus first, doing things his way, changing as we follow him and realising his Spirit is at work now. We seek to be a worshipping community, coming before God with authenticity, experiencing his presence, going deeper in our relationship with Jesus and encouraging each other to live a Spirit filled lifestyle that is holy and pleasing to God, and we seek to be a praying community, one that relies on the presence of God and not on its own strength.


We believe that all people are made in the image of God and that we all desire life-giving connections with others and with our creator. Consequently we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life who value, welcome and include all people into all areas of church life. We have a proud history of supporting people with mental health problems, of loving the stranger, of LGBT+ inclusion, and of embracing diversity however it presents itself. We seek real and loving relationships as we rely on each other, growing up in faith together, dealing with differences in understanding, in lifestyle, in politics, in theology, and we are generous in giving our community away to others.  


We are called to serve the twelve thousand people living in the parish of Coventry All Saints, bringing positive community transformation and working with others in the cause of justice, mercy and peace. We have a very positive and close relationship with All Saints C of E Primary School as together we foster growth in our community. We are encouraged to focus on the needs of others, to think about how to include those not present, and to stand with those who need us. We also partner with churches across the city of Coventry as we work together for the common good.


We believe that there is a "best version of ourselves" that Jesus makes it possible for us to be gradually transformed into. We seek to find Jesus in all parts of life, holding on to faith as we take risks, helping each other to grow into the full and unique people God wants us to be. Everybody is invited on that journey of transformation, and everyone on that journey is encouraged to help others to be transformed, too. We expect to see God’s Kingdom in action in our lives together as we become more like Jesus and contribute to God’s story, equipping and sending people out to transform our world.